This Product Is Produced On Demand. Not Stored in WH INK Warehouse

There are 8 different versions of these event signs
Registration: Arrow right, arrow left and straight ahead
Parking: Arrow right, arrow left and straight ahead

REGISTRATION SIGNS use the ALS Masterbrand logo only, the chapter logos are not available on these signs.

Sponsors 4 logos and 6 logos
Please specify in notes which signs you need and how many of each
You can also send it in an email after ordering

These signs are 24×18
Mini H signs stands at $1.00 each. (I love these)
Medium H stands at $2.50 each

We print these on 4 mil coroplast 4cp/0. 1 side print

Contact or at 919-389-3459 with questions or concerns about ordering this product. Good luck at your event.