Gyro Fidget Spinner


Advertise ALS with the hottest product in retail that’s now the hottest product in promotional products: the Gyro Spinner! Made of strong ABS plastic with carbon steel ball bearings in the center for an approximate spin time of two minutes, it can help to increase concentration and focus and relieve daily stress. Recipients can enjoy this CPSIA safety compliant gyro spinner for hours on end.

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These Fidget spinners are available in a variety of colors. These can be customized by chapter or for an event. The minimum quantity to order for customization is 250. Print Whink has a small quantity of generic and national branded spinners in our warehouse. These spinners are cost effective and young folks love receiving these at walks or fund raising events.

Please call Wes Hare 919-389-3459 or with any questions or concerns about this product HS200 Magnet Group.

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Black, Red