Specs: 14×8.5 folded to 3.5×8.5
Printed 4cp/same, 80lb Gloss Text White,
trimmed and folded
.33 each, plus ground freight
typeset, proof and setup at $35
Place order and than send your events and local sponsor logos and Up to 7 different events per brochure to

If Mailing costs are:
CASS CERT, NCOA Prep and inkjet Addresses at $125.00 for 1st 1000
$60.00 per 1000 after that
Waifer Seal for USPS at $30.00 per 1000
Non Profit Postage estimate at .17 to .18 each

Call Wes Hare at 919-389-3459 with any questions or concerns.