Introducing Customized “Walk Your Way” Supply Boxes. These items are a custom order. There are 20 products highlighted in the thumbnail and with the link below. There are also different size boxes for you to choose from. You can add other personalized items that WH INK will be glad to produce for you. You can also decorate your blank cartons with stickers at the chapter or print directly on the carton. All have different price points.

WH INK can assemble and ship direct for you (this price will be quoted based on how many items and what box you choose), or ship everything flat to your office for the personalized packing to be done at your office by volunteers.

TO START YOUR ORDER PLEASE CONTACT: or call 919-389-3459. These kits can be assembled and shipped much quicker than 6 weeks, we would just need to use items already produced and in the WH INK Warehouse.

THANKS for reaching out to WH INK for these kits!
Your friend and partner for the cure! Wes